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2022 Florida Legislative Session

With the Florida Legislature's 60-day session underway, a few issues such as voting and critical race theory will likely dominate debate and attention. With Republicans holding sizable majorities in both chambers, Democrats will have a tough road to get their priorities considered, let alone passed, while unlikely to stop the GOP from enacting its agenda. The slideshow below highlights several hot-button bills.

Below that, VoxPopuli has assembled databases of select bills being currently considered by the legislature. The list includes legislation concerning abortion, education, including critical race theory, elections and voting, Covid-19 and other health issues, guns and an array of social justice matters. Click each box to view the database of related legislation. As the session progresses, we’ll add information that will help you to become better informed about the topic or bill.

Paper Heart

"Don't Say Gay"

HB 1557 and its companion bill, SB 1834, colloquially referred to as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, would ban classroom discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in schools, erasing LGBTQ identity, history, and culture — as well as LGBTQ students themselves.

Read more about the bill from Washington Blade

and Equality Florida.

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