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Join Our Editorial Team

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”

— Malala Yousafzai


Who we are: Launched in January 2021, VoxPopuli is the nonprofit digital news site covering government, politics and social justice issues in West Orange County. Our virtual newsroom exists to expose wrongdoing and hold local officials and business leaders to account; report the stories that would otherwise go untold, and amplify voices not always heard in mainstream media. Our focus is the intersection of politics and policy with race, gender, ethnicity, class and sexual identity within our communities. We view journalism as a public service and believe that access to free, fact-based, independent news is foundational for a functioning democracy. Our reputation is for fierce, uncompromising news reporting in the public interest.


VoxPopuil is a member of the Institute for Nonprofit News, an organization that serves independent, investigative and public service news outlets nationwide. 


The gig: We are looking for freelance reporters to cover Winter Garden, Ocoee, Oakland and Windermere. Assigned to a city/town, freelance reporters will develop story ideas, write articles on assignment and have the opportunity to contribute to staff projects like our Voting Guides and our local issues podcast TableTalk. Within our small newsroom, there are opportunities to pursue a range of reporting projects.

The pay rate: $100 for 300-500 word articles; $200 for 800-1500 word articles.


Who we’re looking for: Strong writers with good news instincts, interested in politics, government affairs and how policy decisions impact the various communities within Winter Garden, Ocoee, Oakland and Windermere.


Ideal candidates are highly motivated, passionate story seekers who start with That’s odd. I wonder what’s up with that? They’re able to pick up the nuggets of news from commission meetings, develop big-picture features, cultivate sources, and do the reporting and fact-checking required to tell compelling stories that explain local issues and, most importantly, why readers should care.


We especially want to work with BIPOC, women and LGBTQ journalists to better reflect the diverse population and experiences of the communities in West Orange County.

Email us a cover letter, resume and at least three news clips or a link to your story portfolio to

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