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2022 Florida Legislative
Session on Voting


Restoration of Voting Rights

Revises definition of term "completion of all terms of sentence" to remove provisions requiring full payment of certain fines & fees & providing payment is not deemed completed upon conversion of financial obligation to civil lien, respectively.

Rep. Dotie Joseph (D)


Repeals provisions relating to civil actions challenging validity of election laws, prohibition on use of private funds for election-related expenses, and certain criminal penalties; revises provisions relating to voter registration, third-party voter registration organizations, etc.

Rep. Yvonne Hayes Hinson (D)


Revises provisions relating to office of Secretary of State, General Election Day, special elections, candidate qualifying, petitions, Division of Elections, supervisors of elections, voter registration, ballots, voting, vote-by-mail, canvassing, absent voters, dates for returns, etc.

Rep. Geraldine Thompson (D)

Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote

Provides for enactment of Agreement Among States to Elect President by National Popular Vote; provides method by which state may become member state; requires statewide popular election for President & Vice President of U.S., etc.

Reps. Joseph Geller (D) and Kelly Skidmore (D)


Requiring the Secretary of State to be elected rather than appointed; requiring applicants registering to vote to designate a party affiliation or affirmatively select “No Party Affiliation”; providing a person who meets certain requirements may register to vote at an early voting site etc.

Sen. Annette Taddeo (D)


Repealing a provision relating to civil actions challenging the validity of election laws; revising the time period within which a third-party voter registration organization must deliver voter registration applications to the Division of Elections ... or to a supervisor of elections etc.

Sen. Shevrin D. "Shev" Jones (D)

Vote-by-mail Ballots

Requiring the supervisor of elections to enclose a postage paid mailing envelope with each vote-by-mail ballot, etc.

Sen. Janet Cruz (D)

Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote

Providing for enactment of the agreement; providing a method by which a state may become a member state; requiring a statewide popular election for President and Vice President of the United States; establishing a procedure for appointing presidential electors etc.

Sen. Victor M. Torres, Jr. (D)


Removing the limitation on the amount of aggregate fines that may be assessed in a calendar year against a third-party voter registration organization for specified violations, etc.

Sen. Travis Hutson (R)

Voter Registration

Revising the date by which the registration books must be closed before an election; revising procedures governing voter registration by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles; requiring specified applications to include a voter registration component etc.

Sen. Lori Berman (D)

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