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 Our Mission 

Launching any new venture is a bit of a gamble. It takes a leap of faith, an abundance of idealism, and perhaps a touch of insanity — never more so than with a community news site. 


When I started my journalism career in South Florida, there were seven major English-language newspapers to subscribe to, a mix of morning and evening editions. My parents took the Miami Herald in the morning to find out what was going on in the world and the Hollywood Sun-Tattler in the evening to know what was going on where they lived. I got my first professional byline in the Sun-Tattler. Now, the Sun-Tattler is gone. It stopped its presses in 1991. The last time I was in Hollywood, I drove by the old Sun-Tattler headquarters. A mid-range hotel chain had taken over the building.

The irony is that in the age of newspaper loss and consolidation, we’ve never needed community news more to capture the stories that fly under the radar as the major papers chase the main headlines of the day. When it comes to news, more is always better. More stories, more facts, more voices, more questions, more light shined on local government. Today's budget audit is tomorrow's investigation. As Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once observed, “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.” 

We're here to be an independent voice of the community for the community. That’s what VoxPopuli means — it's Latin for “voice of the people.” Our mission is to report the stories that haven’t been told; to give voice to the people who aren’t often heard; to ask the questions that don’t get asked; to hold the people who hold power accountable. Our promise is to deliver fact-based, issues-oriented journalism.


To keep our newsroom independent, VoxPopuli is nonprofit, which means we don’t rely on advertising. We hope readers, like you, consider independent journalism a valuable service to the community. Please support our mission to produce high-quality stories about the communities in which you live. Thank you.

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