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Michael Hargreaves highlights traffic and maintaining Windermere's quaintness in Town Council race

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Dibya Sarkar

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Managing Editor


VoxPopuli Staff


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Hargreaves, who is running for a second time for the Windermere Town Council, did not agree to a sit-down Q&A interview with VoxPopuli’s founding editor Norine Dworkin, despite several attempts to meet with him. VoxPopuli has written a story about Hargreaves misrepresenting himself as a “law enforcement officer” with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The OCSO confirmed he was a “civilian employee.” The Florida Department of Law Enforcement also confirmed to VoxPopuli that Hargreaves is not certified as a law enforcement officer anywhere in the state of Florida. In addition, VoxPopuli published a story about him being sued by two former employees for nonpayment and underpayment of wages. Hargreaves is running against Mandy David, Anthony Davit and Bill Martini.

At the Feb. 10 candidates’ question-and-answer Zoom event (read the VoxPopuli story), Hargreaves, a resident of Windermere since early 2017, said in his introduction that he’s looking out for the whole town. “You’re not trying to solve these problems for your friends or for the loudest people in the room but for the vast majority of the whole town or their best interests. I think I have that quality because it’s not an easy quality to have.”

During the forum, Hargreaves, who owns a security business called PCI Security, highlighted traffic as a top issue as well as maintaining the dirt roads and quaintness of Windermere as did the other candidates. He also said that a priority, if elected to the town council, was to look into alleged voting irregularities. “As a Windermere council [member], I was hoping to step forward and look into that and answer those questions for myself,” he said.

In his closing statement at the candidates’ forum, Hargreaves said the “only reason” he’s trying to get elected is to help the town as much as he can and “drum up any funds I can with people I know and businesses I know to help the town when it needs it.”

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