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Bill Martini seeks reelection to Windermere Town Council to continue work on major projects

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Dibya Sarkar

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Managing Editor


VoxPopuli Staff


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Martini, a first-term council member, did not agree to a sit-down Q&A interview with VoxPopuli’s founding editor, Norine Dworkin, despite repeated attempts to meet with him. A resident of Windermere for about 25 years, longtime volunteer and realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Martini  is seeking another two-year term. He’s running against Mandy David, Anthony Davit and Michael Hargreaves.

In his introduction during a recent Candidates’ Night Zoom meeting where Martini and other candidates were asked questions about their priorities and stances (read related VoxPopuli story), the council member said: “I represent the residents. I don’t have any personal agenda.” He said he’s running again to see current projects through to completion as well as guide the town with upcoming “challenging” projects. “For a small town, it seems like we always have something big coming up or on the table.”

During a question-and-answer session with residents in that Zoom meeting, Martiini addressed a “previous objection” raised when he ran for his first term, that he sought office to benefit his realty business. “I had to reassure everyone that I’m not doing this to get work or to get real estate type of things. Absolutely not. I think I’ve proven that. My sole focus is to do what’s best for our town and our residents.”

Martini said during the political forum that Covid-19 and traffic are two of the top issues facing the town. He also said that the town should move ahead with a project to provide public water for residents who wanted it and supported getting outside funding such as grants to pay for major projects.

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