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Felicia Dhanani, Founder of Sparksoul

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Everybody should have the opportunity to work with the best healers and coaches and therapists and people who can really help us through our own development journey, wherever we may be.”


That’s Felicia Dhanani, the Orlando-based wellness advocate and coach, talking about the “spark” that inspired her to build SparkSoul, her mind-body health site, and a VoxPopuli corporate sponsor.


SparkSoul sponsors VoxPopuli's CANCUN STAY GIVEAWAY drawing: four nights at Sunset World Resort at one of three hotels (airfare and tax not included).


SparkSoul is geared for people who “just know we are meant for more and are ready to take the next step to get there,” according to the website, now in beta testing. The site offers free trainings, videos and virtual events. “Seekers” as Dhanani calls visitors to SparkSoul, can register for free and receive a login and password. There’s also a carefully curated roster of healing experts, or “guides,” when one is “ready for something a little deeper,” Dhanani explained. Private sessions can be booked directly through a guide’s linked page on the site.


“It can be difficult to decipher who, number one, would be a good fit, and number two, who's legit,” Dhanani said. “That’s where the idea of Spark Soul came along. It’s a vetted community and we ensure that intentions are in the right place. Everybody’s in it for the purpose of deep personal growth.”


Presently, there is a small collection of guides. Along with Dhanani, who is trained in yoga, there is a board-certified doctor of natural medicine, a hypnotherapist/Reiki master, a life coach and a psychic medium. Dhanani envisions growing her site to 100 guides, spread throughout the world, speaking a multitude of languages.


The idea for SparkSoul grew out of the Vikasa Integrative Health Expo, a two-day event Dhanani had produced for four years. Vikasa, she explains, is Sanskit for self-evolution or self-growth.


“We had speakers from all over the country, 85 vendors, 1,500 people come through over the weekend,” said Dhanani, who had at one time worked in corporate marketing and advertising before leaving for the healthcare field. “People were very interested in integrative health. We took the woo-woo out of it.”


Then life intervened. She started a family. She moved. She began working as an administrator in the preschool her family has owned for nearly two decades. But when Covid hit, Dhanani saw an opportunity to get back to integrative health.


Dhanani spent 18 months creating the site. It’s now in beta testing.


The point and promise of the site is “a safe space to explore your soul’s spark.” What that means is that regardless of where one is on the self reflection, self education, self discovery journey, SparkSoul meets its visitors “where you’re at.”


“This personal growth journey is lifelong,” Dhanani said. “The beauty is that no matter where you're at and whatever type of engagement process you're looking for, there is something for everyone.”

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