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Winter Garden to distribute welcome packets with new code compliance brochure

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Lucy Dillon


Friday, April 26, 2024


Joseph Richardson

Winter Garden's new code compliance brochure tells residents how to keep the city "inviting and beautiful for all.”

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Winter Garden is adding new Code Compliance brochures to its welcome packets for new residents, according to City Manager Jon Williams. He made the announcement at the April 11 city commission meeting.

Titled Enhancing Our Community Through Code Compliance: Your Guide to Navigating Common Code Violations and Reporting Processes, the brochure explains how to keep house and lawn up to code.

What exactly is “Code Compliance?” The brochure defines it as “essential in preserving Winter Garden’s charm, ensuring our city stays inviting and beautiful for all.” In other words, city-based rules to keep houses and residential neighborhoods looking neat and tidy. Think of it like having a city-wide homeowners association. 

Included are nine “common code violations” city residents should be aware of — many of which would also violate established homeowners association covenants. These include: parking inoperable vehicles in the street; parking motorhomes, campers and boats in front yards; parking commercial vehicles in residential areas; allowing lawns to become overgrown or homes to fall into disrepair; having indoor furniture or household appliances outside; and operating a business in a residential area. 

The brochure also addresses signage issues such as prohibiting vehicle signs, banners and pennants.

While the brochure acknowledges that the rules “may seem stringent,” the city contends “it’s vital for maintaining our neighborhoods’ integrity.” Residents can call (407) 877-5136 to speak with a code compliance officer and request their presence at an upcoming homeowners’ association meeting if they have further questions.

To report code violations, residents can call the City of Winter Garden at (407) 656-4111 or visit the Community Development Department in City Hall at 300 W. Plant Street. Scan the QR code on the brochure and you'll go right to the CodeCompliance page on the city website

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