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Senate District 15

Orange County Democratic Legislative Delegation backs Thompson over Bracy

June 17, 2024 at 2:55:41 PM

Jake Bell


State Sen. Geraldine Thompson: "It is imperative that we drown out the noise and focus on the kitchen table issues that every Floridian is facing.”

Florida Senate

Orange County Legislative Delegation Democrats Friday endorsed State Sen. Geraldine Thompson for re-election in Senate District 15 over former State Sen. Randolph Bracy in a “unified show of support.” 

A statement released by the delegation said, “This collective endorsement underscores the delegation’s confidence in Sen. Thompson’s proven track record and unwavering commitment to the citizens of Orange County and the State of Florida. Over the past decade Sen. Geraldine Thompson has been a steadfast advocate for her constituents in both the Senate and House chambers, championing policies that promote equality, justice and economic growth.” 

Thompson said, in the statement, that she was “deeply grateful” for her fellow legislators’ “unwavering belief in my ability to serve the people of Senate District 15. In these challenging times, it is imperative that we drown out the noise and focus on the kitchen table issues that every Floridian is facing.”

The collective endorsement from State Sen. Victor Torres and State Reps. Tom Keen, Anna V. Eskamani, Johanna Lopez and Rita Harris, included Bracy’s sister, State Rep. LaVon Bracy Davis, running for re-election in District 40. She called Thompson an “invaluable mentor to me as a freshman legislator” and said her “dedication to uplifting our community and fighting for justice has been inspirational,” and that she “look[s] forward to continuing our important work together when she returns to the Senate Chambers in November.”

The two lawmakers worked together on the Tyre Sampson Act to make amusement park rides safer, expand the Randolph Bracy Ocoee Massacre Scholarship Fund to include Florida's private Black colleges and draft the Harry T. and Harriette V. Florida Voting Rights Act that did not get a hearing in the last session but will be reintroduced in the next.

The delegation's endorsement has highlighted a schism in the political powerhouse Bracy family. Bracy himself has said on social media that his sister and mother, the civil rights advocate LaVon Wright Bracy — Thompson’s roommate at the University of Miami and maid of honor at her wedding — did not want him to run. Bracy told the Orlando Sentinel that his sister endorsed Thompson “out of personal disdain for me” that as his life became “elevate[d] and bless[ed] by God,” his sister became “envious and jealous.” 

Bracy Davis has refused to comment. 

Meanwhile the other members of the delegation heaped Thompson with praise: 

Eskamani: “A champion for all Floridians.”

Harris: “The best choice for Senate District 15.” 

Lopez: “...steadfast commitment to justice, equity and progress for all.”

Keen: “A fierce advocate for her district …”

Thompson and Bracy will face off Aug. 20. Mail-in ballots go out July 15. Early voting begins Aug. 10. Check for locations.

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