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Antone addresses opponent’s residency allegations 

June 7, 2024 at 2:18:13 PM

Lucy Dillon


Democratic State Rep. Bruce Antone in the Florida House. “Every time I run, they bring this up. And they’ve never proven that I do not live in the district."

Democratic State Rep. Bruce Antone Thursday addressed his opponent’s claims that he does not reside in District 41 where he is running for re-election. 

“Every time I run, they bring this up. And they’ve never proven that I do not live in the district,” Antone said in a phone interview.

Questions about Antone’s residency were raised in April when the Orlando Sentinel reported that his voter registration, homestead exemption and campaign filings matched an address for a house in District 40, which is represented by Democratic State Rep. LaVon Bracy Davis. Antone changed his voter registration to his district aide’s apartment in District 41 after being confronted by a reporter, according to the Orlando Sentinel. 

Janét Marie Buford-Johnson, the first-time candidate challenging the seven-term legislator in the Aug. 20 Democratic primary, filed a complaint last month with the Florida Ethics Commission, stating that Antone does not reside in District 41 and has not for years. 

“He’s not vested in our community because he does not live here,” the Orlo Vista resident and hospitality professional told VoxPopuli earlier this week. 

State representatives are required by law to be residents of their districts at the time of election and maintain their residence throughout their term. Legislators may have multiple homes, but only one “legal residence.” The Florida House has sole jurisdiction over the qualifications of its members to serve. 

“My opponent has nothing to run on,” Antone said. “She’s just copying what somebody tried four years ago, what they tried in 2016. I mean, this has been an issue for me for 20 years.” 

Antone was at a recent town hall meeting that Buford-Johnson also attended. “She and her friend were railing against me. I hadn’t done anything, Nobody’s seen me, I didn’t help them when the community was flooded,” Antone said. “Finally, someone said to my opponent, What is it that you’re going to do if you get elected? All she could talk about was, I know how to get resources.” 

Antone added that his opponent doesn’t know “what she’s walking into” because “she’s never been to the Legislature.” He said experience matters. “The district needs good quality representation, someone that knows what they’re doing,” he said. 

When asked if he was concerned that if he were re-elected the House might remove him over the residency issue, Antone said, “If they really want to get rid of me, they’ll find a way, but the evidence is not there. In this political climate, regardless of whether they can prove their case, there’s always a chance that they will remove me. I mean, that’s just how volatile things are now.”

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