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Florida House

Bracy Davis speaks out against Disney’s Reedy Creek takeover

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Norine Dworkin

Friday, February 10, 2023

Editor in Chief

State Rep. LaVon Bracy Davis (D-District 40), Thursday urged fellow lawmakers to vote against House Bill 9 that would overhaul the Reedy Creek Improvement District, the special tax district encompassing Disney property in Orange and Osceola counties.

“This is about retribution and punishment, to get back at a company that used their First Amendment right to take a stance on behalf of the community. An organization that had the gumption and the gall to speak out against ‘Don’t Say Gay’ and stand up for marginalized people,” she said on the House Floor.

“I rise today because this legislation is personal to me. As an African-American woman, it is personal to me because it is deeply rooted in the attack of marginalized people. And when you attack and punish one marginalized group, you attack and punish all marginalized groups. It may be the LGBTQ community today but another group tomorrow. I implore all of you to vote down on this bill today.”

The bill passed on a party line vote 82-31. The Senate is expected to pass the bill today.

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