Robert Greenwald

Documentary Film's Action Hero

The award-winning director turned his back on a lucrative film and TV career to make documentaries that expose greed, corruption and systemic inequality. And you can watch them all on YouTube for free.

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Shatonya and Kevyn Bryant

Model Citizens

This Winter Garden elementary school teacher and her family joined Orange County's "I Got My Shot" Billboard Campaign to urge the vaccine-hesitant in communities of color to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

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Jennie Joseph

Maternal justice for all

The U.S. spends more on maternity care than any other country and yet it has the highest maternal mortality rate of any developed nation. Winter Garden midwife Jennie Joseph is working to reverse that trend, one healthy newborn at a time.

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Prineet Sharma

Winter Garden lawyer makes it rain

Prineet Sharma made a special gift to Winter Garden, earmarked to pay off utility bills of those hard hit by the pandemic.

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