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Candidate Q&As


Voters in Ocoee, Windermere and Winter Garden will head to the polls March 9 to elect several officials for their respective governing boards. Editor Norine Dworkin is sitting down with candidates across the three municipalities to hear where they stand on issues affecting their cities or towns, ideas they will bring and/or accomplishments they've achieved and views about diversity and other matters. We will post these Q&A interviews as we complete them. Photos of candidates indicate published stories.

Ocoee PNG

      DISTRICT 2      


Commissioner Rosemary Wilsen

      DISTRICT 4      

Lori Hart.jpg

Lori Hart

Joel Keller.heic

Joel Keller


Keith Richardson

Windermere PNG

Council Member
Bill Martini


Bill Martini.jpg
Michael Hargreaves.jpg




      DISTRICT 2      


Illiana Ramos Jones


Ron Mueller

      DISTRICT 3      

Mark Maciel.jpg

Commissioner Mark Maciel

Bobby O.jpg

Robert "Bobby O" Olszewski

      DISTRICT 4      

Colin Sharman.jpg

Commissioner Colin Sharman

Need to register to vote? Go to to register by February 8. Election Day is March 9. Polls will be open 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. Early voting is March 1 to 5 at the Orange County Supervisor of Elections office 119 West Kaley Street, Orlando, FL 32806 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.


If you voted by mail in the general election, you should receive a ballot for the municipal election. Such requests are meant to be good for two elections. But check your status to be sure.

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