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Shante Munns

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Democratic Nominee, Congressional District 11

Public Service

Never held elective office.




Bethune Cookman, B.S., Psychology

Unopposed in the primary, Democrat Shante Munns of Orlando now faces incumbent Republican Congressman Daniel Webster on Nov. 8  for the District 11 seat in the U.S. House.

A former high school track coach turned mental health counselor turned entrepreneur, Munns is running for Congress, according to her campaign’s Facebook page, because she “believe[s] we need a new generation of leadership, one that is both practical and that comes to the table with new ideas on how to get things done. We need leaders representing us who are always on the side of preserving our democracy, not only when it is advantageous to them.”

Initially, Munns had staked out traditional Democratic positions: protecting abortion access, increasing teacher salaries, removing voter ID laws, improving public transportation, mandating background checks for firearms and reforming the justice system. In a site redesign — someone who claimed they were a Munns campaign aide tweeted VoxPopuli that her site had been hacked — those positions have been replaced by a three-plank platform: tax breaks for small business, holding corporations accountable when they pollute the environment and reducing prescription drug prices. In September, Munns told the Villages Democratic Club to “put the history back into the classroom.”

Munns declined repeated requests for an interview.

— Norine Dworkin
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