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Shante Munns

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Democratic candidate, Congressional District 11

Public Service

Never held elective office.




Bethune Cookman, B.S., Psychology



The lone Democrat in the race for Congressional District 11, Shante Munns will face Independent Kevin Porter and the winner of the three-way Republican primary between Congressman Daniel Webster, sustainable farmer Gavriel Soriano and professional provocateur Laura Loomer.

Orlando-born and -raised, Munns spent seven years as a track and field coach for Lake Brantley High School and 10 years as a mental health case worker. Now she runs a liquidation business and an interior design business.

When VoxPopuli spoke briefly with Munns by phone, Munns said she was still honing her message, but her campaign website outlines three key issues she seems to be focusing on:

  • Support for the military personnel and veterans. Working in the mental health field, Munns says she’s seen “the sacrifices” that come with military service. She supports increases in funding for suicide prevention and wants to create employment opportunities for veterans returning to civilian life. In addition, Munn wants to ensure  the U.S. military is rebuilt from years of inadequate funding.”

  • Tax breaks for small businesses. Munns favors "expanding tax breaks for small businesses and will work to expand opportunities for new market tax credits, deduction, and credit initiatives.” As an entrepreneur herself, she’s also keen to get more mentorship, training and resources for entrepreneurs.

  • Preserving the environment. She’s in favor of clean energy, modernizing the power grid, shoring up infrastructure, expanding public transportation and holding polluters responsible for the damage they cause to the environment.

Munns holds expected Democratic positions on key issues:

  • She’s against voter ID laws that "disproportionately burden young voters, diverse communities, people of color, low-income families, people with disabilities and the elderly” and in favor of restoring voting rights to returning citizens who have completed their sentences. (“Returning citizens” is the accepted term for people who have finished their time in prison and have returned to society.)

  • She favors better teacher pay and benefits.

  • She supports public transportation planning that does not encroach on historic and minority communities.

  • She advocates for a more just criminal justice system. “Our laws should be just and the consequences should be proportionate to the crime and meant to promote and cultivate rehabilitation to produce for our society. We will create new legislation that encourages not only corrective measures to inhibit criminal activity, but also rehabilitative programs that will promote a more productive community long term.”

  • She wants private gun sellers to conduct extensive background checks the way public gun sellers do.

  • She’s pro-choice. A graphic on her site declares, Republicans ripped away your reproductive rights!  “Women know what is best for them. The government has no place to make any decision regarding a woman’s body. That right strictly belongs to the individual. We need to attack any bill or law that takes or reduces our rights period. Especially those that dictate what is and isn’t allowed to happen within our bodies as individuals.”

— Norine Dworkin
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